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Character Creation Template and Rules

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Character Creation Template and Rules Empty Character Creation Template and Rules

Post  Midnight Sun Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:45 pm

Before making your character, you need to know the rules.

Character Creation Rule

No Mary-Sues. Mary-Sues are characters that are perfect. RPing with that kind of character is annoying. Also, It's much better that each character has their own weaknesses and strengths, right?

There's only one rule so please follow it. Now,it's time to make your character. Below is the the template that you need to use.

Name:What's the name of your character?
Nickname:Any other name that your character can be called
Gender:Is your character a boy or a girl? 3rd genders please.
Birthday:Like in the games, we use seasons. Not exact months. It's like, Winter 30, etc.

Appearance: Your characters image. Please use a spoiler.
Eye color:
Hair:Describe your character's hair.

Relatives:Your character's relatives.
Personality:Your character's personality.
Flaws: Your character's weaknesses.
Pros:Where is your character good at?
Biography:How your character grew up, past experiences that affected his/her personality.

Please be descriptive on your character's details so you won't confuse other people. The more descriptive you are, the more chances you'll get approved.
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